Greener Mindset 12 Pack Cockroach Traps with Bait Included | Premium Glue Trap | Eco-Friendly | Non-Toxic | Chemical Free | Spiders Ants Roach Killer

  • MOST EFFECTIVE ALL-NATURAL ATTRACTANT AVAILABLE on the market combined with SUPER STICKY NON-TOXIC GLUE traps ensures bugs never escape
  • 12 PREMIUM TRAPS included are ideal for capturing all insects including roaches, spiders, scorpions, centipedes, ants and any other bugs infesting your home
  • NON-TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY and PESTICIDE FREE glue traps each last up to 3 months or replace when completely full
  • BEST TRAP LOCATIONS: kitchen, pantry, bathroom, inside cabinets, below sink and faucet areas, garage, storage rooms, beside and behind refrigerator.

Roaches and insects infest our homes and compromise our health and safety. With the use of Greener Mindset Premium Cockroach Traps, we can take our homes back and have peace of mind.

We have created a product with the safety of you and your family in mind. Our traps are created out of recycled products and only use all-natural ingredients in our bait. We don’t want dangerous chemicals or pesticides around our food, our pets or our loved ones, so these traps don’t use them either. These traps are effective against insects at all times of the day and night.

How to use the traps?

1.Peel the safety film from the non-toxic glue

2.Place the all-natural bait in the center of the sticky trap

3.Assemble the trap by folding the walls along the lines and connect the two sides at the top

4.Place the trap anywhere cockroaches or other insects have been detected