Greener Mindset Clothes Moth Traps 7-Pack with Premium Pheromone Attractant | Most Effective Trap Available | Non-Toxic Safe No Insecticides

  • PATENT PENDING HOOK DESIGN - makes this trap the most effective on the market. Hang anywhere or place anywhere to protect your clothing, upholstery, rugs, fur and much more
  • MOST POWERFUL PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT ON THE MARKET - natural female clothes moth pheromone mixed into the glue makes male moths enter the trap rather than your clothes
  • EASIEST TO USE - Just open, peel, and fold. Pheromone attractant already mixed into glue. No additional products needed. Each moth trap lasts 3 months
  • CHILD & PET SAFE - Non-toxic, Insecticide Free, Odor Free

Clothes Moths destroy natural fibers in your clothes, bedding, linens and animal fur. Because these moths live in dark places, you don’t know they are a problem until your expensive items have been destroyed.

Our clothes moth trap uses natural moth pheromones to eliminate these destructive moths, preventing the damage of your home.

We offer an innovative patent pending hook design that allows you to hang the trap anywhere in your closet or place it one shelf, floor or any flat surface. This feature allows you to place the trap in places where other traps can’t go.

Our traps prevent clothes moths from laying their eggs on your clothing, carpet, upholstery and furnishings.

Our clothes moth traps are odor free, pesticide free and non-toxic. They are also pet safe and child safe and a much better alternative to moth balls or harmful pesticides.

How does it work?

Our Clothes Moth Trap contains premium female moth pheromones mixed into very sticky glue that attracts male moths. Once the male moths become stuck to the trap, the mating cycle is broken and the females will be unable to reproduce.

How to use the trap?

Instructions are included on the box and each individual trap. Simply remove the safety film from the trap, fold and connect. The patent pending hook feature allows you to hang the trap anywhere or place it anywhere. For heavily infested areas it may be beneficial to use multiple traps at the same time. This trap is designed to catch adult male moths only. Replace each trap once it becomes full or after 3 months of continuous service.

What do they catch??

These traps are designed to catch the common clothes moth and webbing moth known as Tineaola Bisselliella that eats your clothing, wool and any other items with natural fibers. The trap also targets the case bearing moth known as Tinea Pellionella that eats your carpets, fur, upholstery and wool.